Effectiveness and Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life

If you think yoga is used only for weight loss then I must say that you are absolutely wrong. According to Wikipedia the term yoga is derived from the literal meaning of ‘yoking together’. Yoking as in American English means linking together that being said Yoga is the linking of sound mind, body and breath.

Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life

Rooted in ancient India, yoga was less known and practised until a couple of decades ago. As the word of its benefits spread around the world people started practising it with utmost zeal. And now, yoga gurus have taken it to almost every part of the world. Be it east or west, Yoga’s magic spell never fails to amaze anybody. In Today’s topic I will make you well verse with its benefits. You might already know some or most of these benefits but revising them will surely encourage you to continue or start practising Yoga.


Weight Loss – This is the widely known benefit of yoga. Usually, people perceive it as a weight loss practice so only those who want to shed off their extra calories indulge in it. Yoga brings mind, body and breathe on the same platform; this makes the work out easier and helps in slowly flaking weight over a period of time. Surya Namaskar and Kapal Bhati pranayama are some ways to help lose weight with yoga. These days we also have power yoga that delivers fast results but it has to be done under the supervision of a yoga expert.


Healthy and Glowing Skin- Most of us get crazy when it come to skin care. A day or 2 before a festival or gathering, we all rush to salons to get the facials done for a glowing skin. What if we never have to run for these last minute facials! What if our skin always glows like a fresh flower and radiates the aura of being happy! Well, all these things are possible with Yoga. As I have said earlier Yoga links mind, body and breath together so every single technique that we practice in Yoga has numerous benefits. So any Yoga asana we practice it shows an effect on our skin. We get naturally rejuvenated and beautiful skin.

Stress Relief- In this hectic competitive world I think nobody is free from stress. Be it office issues or home gossips or breakups or weighing moot decisions almost every other daily issue can lead to stress. There are many de-stressing ways; we can vent it out by talking to a dear friend or go to a spa for de-stressing therapy or go for a brisk walk or practice Yoga. Daily Yoga can help reduce stress as it promotes relaxation by keeping our body, mind, and breathing at peace. People who do even a bit of yoga every day often find themselves better at handling crazy things. Yoga postures, pranayama and meditation are effective techniques to release stress. Continuously practicing yoga builds our ability to keep focus, balance, and relax in every situation.

Boosts Memory and Improves Concentration- The other primary benefit of Yoga is that it improves concentration and increases memory power. Memory and concentration are two things that are critical to our daily lives. If we do not have good memory power or ability to concentrate on our tasks we cannot retain information or plan our future. There are many yoga asanas that stimulate the brain and nervous system to improve memory and concentration. To name a few padmasana, halasana and pranayama are the most practiced asanas for memory and concentration.


Enhanced Flexibility- Unlike other rigorous exercises that require more work out and stamina, Yoga is moderately practised. It involves stretching of body while maintaining a balance between breathing and posture. Yoga is a great way to work on flexibility and strength. Almost everyone can do it, it’s not just for people who can touch their toes or bend backwards. After just a couple of weeks of practising Yoga one will see prominent difference in body’s elasticity level. Consistent yoga practice also helps in de-toxing the body.

Yoga does not require a big space or expensive machinery/equipment; one just needs a mat and a calm corner at home or outside to practice these Vedic techniques. Plus, it does not require a good stamina so people of all ages can easily choose to do these asanas. Keep in mind, yoga is an incessant process. So keep practising! The deeper you dig into yoga, the more profound benefits you will reap.